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Our Story

TRABIESA is the brain-child of a family whose hearts beat for nature preservation and sustainability, while showcasing its beauty to the people who visits this beautiful place.


Trabiesa or traviesa is a Spanish word for ‘wood’. These are hardwoods that are commonly used for cross-bracing beams, which are highlighted on many parts of the structures as an accent. Trabiesa has its own modern architecture style that is inspired by nature. The founder’s inspiration for naming it "Trabiesa" came way back from when he started his hobby of collecting different types of hardwood all over the Philippines.

Trabiesa Tagaytay
Trabiesa Tagaytay - Horizontal - White -

What We Offer

Trabiesa offers a diverse selection of intimate indoor and outdoor venues perfect for all types of dream events. It continues to expand its events services by seeking sustainability, client reviews and innovations. Trabiesa believes in providing honest, professional, and ever-valued events services

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