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Trabiesa Tagaytay
A    ngela & Jovynell

         We came across Trabiesa Tagaytay by chance and first saw the place while it was still under construction. To be honest, at that time, we were quite hesitant and were thinking, “Aabot kaya ito sa wedding?” since it was just a few months' time before our big day. The owners, Ma’am Lorelie and Sir Rhoniel, and their associate, Ma’am Sam, were very hospitable and accommodating even during our first meeting. In the end, we decided to put our trust in them and to book the venue.   

  Thankfully, we were not disappointed. They have transformed the place into a beautiful events venue very tastefully and efficiently in just a few months! What made us put our confidence in them even more was that they would always give us updates regarding developments and the current situation in Tagaytay since at the time of our wedding, there was still the pandemic and the Taal volcano eruption. What makes a great supplier is not only being able to deliver the expected outcome efficiently, but also establishing a good relationship with the client, and we feel that the people in Trabiesa Tagaytay are one of the best at what they do.

       My husband and I are blessed to have met such kind people, and are very lucky to be the first clients at this stunning events place. Thank you so much, Ma’am Lorelie, Sir Rhoniel, Ma’am Sam, and to your whole team for all your generosity and help in making our wedding day a beautiful one. God bless you more!

John & Whena

      On behalf of the Baja family, we want to thank Ms. Lei, the owner of Trabiesa Tagaytay for the opportunity and great experience of holding our wedding to their beautiful events place.

    In June 2021, we were trying to find the perfect wedding venue. Just the first time seeing Trabiesa, we fell in love with its scenery. Back when we first went there, the Pavillion was still a work in progress. But still, we saw the potential of the place. We immediately booked our schedule without a second thought and did not waste our time and effort looking for other venues. Definitely did not regret choosing this perfect place for our wedding. 

      We'd like to thank Ms. Sam, who's assisted us from the very beginning up until our wedding day. She's very accommodating and reliable. Overall, our wedding turned out to be successful. The place is very elegant, with Spanish architectural design structures as well as modern high ceiling pavillion are very Instragramable. We highly recommend this events place. Thank you so much Trabiesa Tagaytay. 

Trabiesa Tagaytay

Thank you for the awesome stay and wonderful experience we had. Our wedding is close to perfect. I would say thumbs up all the way. Our wedding experience are remarkable. FIVE STARS! ★★★★★

E j and Bernie

We had a very pleasant experience at Trabiesa Tagaytay. The facilities that they have are top notch. Everything about Trabiesa Tagaytay has been well thought of and planned. It was engineered to make the flow of your event to be as smooth as possible and near perfect. The venue is very pretty in photos and majestic in real life.


The staff and the owners are very passionate and easy to work with. It's as if you have an extra pair of very supportive aunts who only want the best for you.

We are very grateful to Trabiesa Tagaytay and it will always be a special place for us. We highly recommend that you spend your most special day here.

K alvin and Ejane

Very nice place and very worth it to celebrate your special day! Thank you so much Trabiesa Tagaytay for a wonderful experience, and to Ms. Lei and Ms. Sam for being so friendly and accommodating.

Trabiesa Tagaytay
June & Isay

       Trabiesa Tagaytay already captured our hearts during the venue ocular. It is one of the most beautiful wedding venues in Tagaytay. We really fell in love with the Plaza Rafaela Garden. Our family and friends thoroughly enjoyed this beautiful wedding venue. We are so thankful for the outstanding effort of the owner and their staff. Ito lang ang venue na napuntahan namin na sobrang hands on ang mga owners to accommodate your needs and inquiries. We were so impressed with Mr. and Mrs. Cortez, and Ms. Sam. 

It was truly a memorable day for us. Our dream wedding turned into reality. The Trabiesa staff are very accommodating. They gave everything we need during our stay. I have my own steam iron kaso nag over heat. I ask the Trabiesa staff if they have a iron that I can borrow. I'm willing to pay for it but the staff told me that is is free to used. Then bago matulog yon staff nila pinunatahan ulit ako baka may kailangan pa ko. Na-appreciate ko yun sobra. Di ka nila papabayaan talaga. They is also a staff na nag open ng lights sa plaza Raffaella kasi nakita nya na nag ta-take kami ng photos and I'm wearing may heels that I'm planning to use in our wedding. Just to practice my walk para safe. Sobrang bait ni kuya I forgot his name. Nag open din sya ng lights sa swimming pool area in case want namin maligo that night. Tuwang-tuwa family ko at asawa ko. Kudos to all Trabiesa staff. Trademark na nila ito. Well accommodating staff and owners.


The beautiful and unique venue. I can say na talagang pinag-planuhan maigi ang design ng venue na ito. Sobrang ganda lalo ng mga halaman nila na hindi pangkaraniwan and the interior design. We are so blessed that is the venue of unforgettable wedding. I'm sure , marami pa silang magiging future clients sa ganda ng Trabiesa.


Trabiesa is a all in package ( beautiful venue, affordable , well accommodating staff and hands on owners) beyond our expectations! More power Trabiesa Tagaytay Our favorite wedding supplier.

R on and Micah

This has been a long overdue review, but will do it anyway for our gratefulness to its owners deserves to be acknowledged.

Trabiesa Tagaytay is a beautiful place with beautiful people. From the owners Ma'am Lei & Sir Ron, to the manager Ma'am Sam, up to the caretakers. Everyone are just too understanding and warm. When we first visited Trabiesa in July 2021, Ron and I were very impressed how the place is very-well loved that even the simplest things were personally designed by the owners.

Uncertain with the date of our wedding yet, we reserved the grand pavilion for the assurance that we will have our slot ready whenever we have decided on our date. Months later, we've encountered a challenge that became a factor if we will push through with the wedding this year or just delay it a little longer for everyone's comfort. In short, we failed to pay our due initial payment because we have to weigh things out first. Thankfully, Ma'am Lei is understanding and gave us flexible and ample time to decide. Today, we're one week married.


 Watching our SDE and looking at our wedding pics, I am more than glad that we chose Trabiesa Tagaytay as the venue where we exchanged our vows. Everything is perfect, video and photo-wise, Trabiesa is indeed a charmer. Even the fog and rain adds up to its magic.


Ron and I are grateful. Trabiesa Tagaytay definitely holds a special place in our hearts. Salamat po ng marami. Hanggang sa muli.

G ian and Janelle

We don't know but there is something really special here in Trabiesa. when we booked the place, it wasn't even fully constructed. All we saw were the scaffoldings, but we felt na "it's the one" for us. true enough, all the things they envisioned and planned came into reality. Trabiesa's owner, Ms. Lei, is also very friendly and honest. Sobrang gaan kausap and sobrang bait. Her husband, the staff and especially Ms. Sam, sobrang bait and you will never get bored kapag nagtour sa place. Sobrang welcoming, as they make you feel at home. Hindi kami nagkaproblema even with changing alert levels because of the large capacity of the venue. we got many good feedback from our team, our guests and family regarding Trabiesa Thank you so much Ms. Lei, Ms. Sam and to everyone in Trabiesa.

It was wonderful! I could say that Trabiesa is also our FAVORITE SUPPLIER. We couldn't ask for more.

We had a stress-free stay in Trabiesa from the night before our wedding and up until the wedding day itself. Ms. Lei, Ms. Sam and all the other staff of Trabiesa made sure everything goes well as planned. 

They're fairly new in the business but it seems that they're here for a long time already. They value the clients so much that is why Trabiesa is very special to me and my husband.

We already scouted a lot of venues before we visited Trabiesa, but none of those made us feel that it was the right place for us. 

When we visited Trabiesa, all we saw were scaffolding at that time but Ms. Lei was able to give us such a good vision of what the place can offer. Only then we felt that Trabiesa was "the venue" we were looking for. After a few months, when we visited the place again, it actually surprised us because it exceeded our expectations. It is very spacious, modern, yet brings you a cozy and homey vibe, plus, it is very affordable for a budgetarian bride like me. We also love the kindness of the staff and the owners of the place (kudos to Ms. Lei, Ms. Sam, and all the staff of Trabiesa). They were very warm, hands-on and accommodating. Above all that, after our event, we could hear nothing but praises from our guests about our venue -- as to the aesthetics of the place, how spacious it was and the different areas available to all guests. We will be forever grateful to Trabiesa Tagaytay for being a part of a successful event in our lives


If you are looking for a huge yet affordable venue AND stress-free supplier, we will definitely recommend Trabiesa. You will never regret every single centavo you will spend on this place. You'll also feel secured that they will treat you with utmost kindness and respect, and make sure that the event will be a success. Trabiesa Tagaytay is our favorite supplier and I hope you'll get them, too.

A lvin and Yhen

WOW! Grabe 'yon ang masasabi ko sa Trabiesa Tagaytay. From the venue itself and the way we welcome by the manager Ms. Sam and the owners Ms. Lei and Sir Rhoniel (the Architect) as in solid talaga.


Nung una palang naming nakita 'yong venue, hindi na kami nagdalawang isip at pinabook na namin agad, sabi namin ni hubby, "This is the perfect place for our dream wedding". And yes, IT WAS. We highly recommend this place for any events. And the management promise ang babait nila. We've met the best Manager Ms. Sam and the most accommodating and down to earth Owners Ms. Lei and Sir Rhoniel.


We will never forget our experience in Trabiesa Tagaytay. Thank you so much Trabiesa Tagaytay.

L uigi and Joyce

MY FAVORITE WEDDING SUPPLIER Ms. Lei and Ms. Sam, you guys are the best! This is the perfect wedding venue with best people. My husband and I are SO BLESSED to have an opportunity to hold our wedding reception in the place. They are very welcoming and accommodating from our online inquiries, ocular visit until then end of the reception program. We truly appreciate you, Ms. Lei and Ms. Sam. WE LOVE TRABIESA SO MUCH! We couldn't ask for a better reception venue because we have the best! THANK YOU SO MUCH!

Genesis and Filipina

Thank you so much Trabiesa for making our wedding day memorable. Sobrang happy namin na ito ang napili namin na venue for our wedding preparation and reception. Thank you so much for the smooth transaction and very accommodating staff na from the start palang of our wedding planning until the wedding day sobrang approachable nila. Very open sila sa lahat ng concerns namin at mabilis ang response talaga, and my stay at the Casitas with my Bridesmaids, night before the wedding is so relaxing sobrang enjoy namin, ang lamig, at cozy ng place, mabait din yung staff na nag assist samin kahit nalate kami ng check in.


Sobrang ganda ng lugar, talagang kahit galing pa sa malalayong lugar ang guests namin, sobrang nagandahan at worth it ang pagpunta nila sa wedding namin dahil sa magandang ambiance at talagang instagrammable at tiktok worthy na location nakakatuwa na hindi lang kaming couple ang nag enjoy kundi lahat ng guests namin. Highly recommended ang Trabiesa Tagaytay! Talagang nakakaproud forever na dito kami kinasal ng hubby ko. Hindi nakakasawang makita ang mga wedding photos namin sa lugar na to. Maraming salamat po! 

New testimonials.png
Kevin and Paula

Trabiesa is one of the best Event Centers here in the Philippines now. We had an amazing Reception Wedding because it was held in Trabiesa Events. Our guests are very comfortable and had fun with the venue. They are so proud of us for having an amazing venue for our Wedding. Every moment in Trabiesa is really amazing and magical. The venue is very elegant looking, with wide picture-taking areas, a wide place to roam around, great temperature, good ceiling decoration, and elegant-looking for the entrance of the celebrants. Trabiesa is very accommodating and polite. They know how to handle their customers well. 

They communicate very well and can easily talk. It's unlike any other event and reception venue, Trabiesa is very easy to have business with. Highly Recommended. We are so proud of our once-in-a-lifetime event that happened in Trabiesa Tagaytay.

Mark and Famelagae

Our experience with Trabiesa was truly exceptional from the moment of our ocular visit. We immediately fell inlove with the place, and so did our guests! the facilities are well designed. This is place is really great for big and intimate events. One of our greatest appreciations is how easy it is to work with the venue, and our suppliers found the organized layout incredibly convenient. Not only Ms. Elize was very helpful to us but also the rest of the team, all our inquiries are answered and everything went smoothly. Highly recommended for intimate or big events. We are really grateful that we have found this gem. We are truly happy that we have celebrated one of our happiest moments here in Trabiesa.

New testimonials-3.png
M   arcelo and Audrey

We had our dream wedding at Trabiesa Tagaytay, and it was nothing short of magical. From the moment we stepped onto the beautifully landscaped grounds, we were captivated by the picturesque beauty of the surroundings.


The event spaces at Trabiesa are meticulously designed to perfection, offering a variety of options to suit every couple's vision. We chose the elegant indoor hall that exudes a timeless charm, and it exceeded our expectations. The elegant decor and attention to detail showcased the venue's commitment to making our wedding day unforgettable.

The staff at Trabiesa were exceptional, going above and beyond to ensure every aspect of our wedding was seamless. They were professional, accommodating, and responsive throughout the planning process, making us feel at ease and confident in our choices. 

Their expertise and willingness to accommodate our preferences made a significant difference in creating a personalized and memorable experience.

In summary, Trabiesa Tagaytay is more than just a wedding venue; it's a destination that offers a perfect blend of elegance, natural beauty, and exceptional service. Our wedding day was a dream come true, and we are immensely grateful to the entire Trabiesa team for making it so extraordinary.

If you're looking for a venue that embodies charm, sophistication, and a touch of magic for your wedding, Trabiesa Tagaytay should be at the top of your list. We highly recommend this enchanting haven for couples seeking a truly unforgettable wedding experience.

Lawrence and Diana

Trabiesa Tagaytay is a highly recommended venue for weddings and other events. Apart from the beautiful architecture, the stunning ceiling in their grand pavilion, the fresco weather because of the trees surrounding the area, the staffs and customer service is one out of all the many reasons why my husband and I recommend this place. We just had our wedding here last May 11th and we only heard positive feedback from our guests.

Thank you so much to Ms. Lei, the team of Trabiesa Tagaytay and most especially, to Ms. Eunice for attending to our concerns from reservation up to the big day.

Trabiesa Tagaytay will hold a special place in our hearts forever. SUPER SUPER THANK YOUUUUU!!!!

Kiko and Julien

At first I wanted a garden themed reception, because I really like plants but hubs wanted a high ceiling venue, since we anticipated it will rain on our day we opted for an indoor venue. So during ocular we were like OMG ang ganda! Because upon opening the gate and seeing the parking space we liked it already. Ms. Sam was kind enough to tour us in every corner or the venue and we were both amazed in the all of the garden area and especially the pavilion.

Talagang you really get the feeling of 'this is it! this is what we are looking for' moment. Every thing is perfect, the parking and the suppliers area and the nakaka-princess na bride suite and all the preparation area and rooms, talagang sulit. You don't only get the perfect place but you also have the nicest and friendliest staff.  Special thanks to Ms. Lei and also Ms. Sam for accommodating all my request and inquiries.  We highly recommend Trabiesa to all future couples who are still looking for a venue. Kung mahal niyo I-Trabiesa niyo na. 😊

Homer and Janine

Trabiesa, was the only venue we looked at, we fell in-love at first sight when we arrived there. This venue had everything we wanted: outdoor and indoor options for our reception, private bride and groom quarters, and spacious parking lot for everyone . This is a beautiful venue, the owners and staff are very accommodating and they will treat you like they've known you forever. This place has a lot to offer, instagrammable spots for your guests to look at and take some pictures.

We had the most amazing wedding day we could have ever imagined. Trabiesa made it all possible. Thank you for making our big day memorable.

Ralley and Ellaine

We are one of those couples who were fascinated when we first visited Trabiesa. Not only because of its exquisite landscape but also because of its people who are very friendly and hospitable. Few of the many things we love about Trabiesa is its exclusivity - distant to main roads hence we got to celebrate our wedding intimately. We would also like to commend their staff - hindi mo pa kailangan, ibinibigay na sa iyo. From the night before the wedding up until makapagegress ang last supplier namin they were all very helpful. Furthermore, a big thanks to the owners - Tito Rhoniel and Tita Lei. Both of them are very hands on.

Si Tito sobrang accommodating na itour kami sa buong place. Si Tita sobrang tiyaga magreply sa lahat ng inquiries namin (from the day na ibook namin ang Trabiesa hanggang  matapos ang event namin). Also, hindi lang kami ang masaya sa Trabiesa. Pati suppliers namin super happy noong nalaman na sa Trabiesa kami - complete raw kasi sa Trabiesa - from the suppliers area na very functional to the spacious parking. Also, our guests were very happy kasi ang daming scenic locations na pwedeng pag-aurahan for pictures.

It is our pleasure to celebrate a milestone of our life in Trabiesa. Will definitely recommend this place to others. Kahit anong occasion pa yan! Kudos.

Paul and Elay

Trabiesa Tagaytay is really not our first venue. Kasi at that time nakabooked na kami sa iba but my mom insisted to ocular and just visit Trabiesa. Try lang ba pero may venue na kami.

And that was it! Love at first sight napawow talaga kami sa venue, may ganito pala sa Tagaytay!! And theres this woman who assist us to see the whole venue their garden, kitchen and nagulat kami siya pala ang owner si Maam Lei sobrang humble kahit venue lang ang supposed to be concern nya she also helps us regarding sa details ng event she also introduce us sa other suppliers sobrang bait. And even Architect Roniel her husband and take note Si Sir Roniel ang nag design and conceptualized ng venue superb!! sobrang accomodating. 

First time lang namin maka encounter ng ganung owner. Sa staff nila ang babait din as in. Duing event di sila naging madamot sa extension namin kaya maraming salamat po Maam lei and Sir Roniel. Grabe kayo!! 

Trabiesa is really a hidden gem! even mga guests namin napa wow.

• Capacity check kahit isama mo kapitbahay mo!

• Parking slots check na check

• kitchen check

• ambiance check

• price check

Sobrang happy namin we found Trabiesa. Kaya kung mahal mo i-Trabiesa mo!!!!

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